Neutral pH

All EcoBiome microbial products operate at a neutral pH level for maximum operational flexibility

Enhanced Recovery

EcoBiome treated ore and concentrates show higher recovery rates versus untreated samples​

Proprietary Technology

EcoBiome utilizes the most advanced and proprietary technology for the discovery and optimization of its microbial products​

Short Residency Time

EcoBiome microbial products reduce residency time and can handle over 40% pulp density ​

We’ve unlocked the power of custom microbes – tailored to your project – to find and extract metals faster and more efficiently than ever.

Our Technology

At EcoBiome, we use cutting-edge microbial technology to extract high-value metals from various sources without harmful chemicals. Our process enables the recovery of target metals from previously waste ore, reduces energy requirements and capital expenditure, and sets a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in the metal recovery industry.

Reduce Processing Costs

Reduce Capital Expenditure


Lower GHG Emissions

Improve Recovery



Access Previously Unrecoverable Metals

Partner Overview

At EcoBiome, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with mining and metals companies at any stage of their operations, offering sustainable solutions for metal recovery.